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CODE RED (Anthem) Gospel Music Video premire

American Black gun violence is a code red emergency

Commentary by Eric Williams, producer and director

American Black gun violence is a code red emergency that demands immediate attention and action. The World Premiere of the Gospel music video "Code Red (Anthem)" written by G-HARRIS817 and directed by film director Eric Williams brings attention to the need for more spirituality and less gun violence in the Black community and America as a whole. This powerful video sends a message of hope and healing through faith and features prominent Gospel singers.

The lyrics of the song encourage viewers to call on the power of God to overcome the challenges and struggles of life, specifically the effects of gun violence. The video also features testimonials from individuals who have been affected by gun violence, which serve as a powerful reminder of the human cost of this epidemic.

The video highlights the need for gun control laws in America, a crucial step to address the issue of gun violence. The easy access to firearms in America is a major contributor to the high rates of gun violence, especially in communities of color. Strengthening background checks and closing loopholes in the current system would help reduce the number of firearms in the hands of those who shouldn't have them.

The message of the video is clear: in order to truly address the problem of gun violence, we need to address the underlying issues such as poverty, racism, and lack of access to education and opportunity. By raising awareness about the issue of Black gun violence and encouraging a spiritual response, the video makes an important contribution to the conversation.

The World Premiere of this powerful video can be watched on and Thizztv on Roku and all devices. It is an important tool to raise awareness and encourage action towards reducing gun violence and creating a safer, more equitable future for all. It is our collective responsibility to share and support the message of this video.

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